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Optimal parking in Brno

Two-level car park in Gallery Vaňkovka is increasingly used by shopping center customers and Brno visitors. They mostly appreciate safe and pleasant environment, parking in a walking distance to the city center and very transparent navigation system from every possible direction. 

Parking fees are much lower than at any other paid car park in the city center:

1st hour - for free
2nd and 3rd hour – for 20 CZK
Every other hour – for 25 CZK
Free parking after 13:00 on Saturdays and throughout Sundays and holidays.

Car Park GPS Coordinate:

Entrance Trnitá - 49°11'13,3" ; 16°36'51,3"

Entrance Dornych - 49°11'18,6" ; 16°36'55,2" 

Parking card

More comfortable parking with pre-paid parking card.
With pre-paid parking card you can save up to 10 – 20%. It’s ready for everyone who is regularly parking in Gallery Vaňkovka. So you won’t have to leave your car, because you forgot to pay a parking fee anymore.

The card can be purchased and recharged either in Car Park Management office or in a parking machine.

First purchase prices and real values:

price 400 CZK / value 440 CZK
price 600 CZK / value 660 CZK
price 800 CZK / value 960 CZK
price 1 000 CZK / value 1 200 CZK
We require a deposit up to 100 CZK with purchasing the card, which is refundable after giving the card back.

In case of any questions about parking please contact the parking administration on the number 533 110 110.