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Friedrich Wannieck (1838-1919)

On 21st March 1865 City council and Prosecution allowed to Wannieck and Phil. Jellinek Company on 19 and 20 Trnitá Street to build machine workshops, including a foundry, a cupola, a driving steam engine, a boiler room and assembly shops excluding the manufacture of boilers.

At the beginning of 1867 a batch production of diffusers took up and they started to export abroad. At the same year a new diffused method was introduced to 27 sugar refineries around Europe.

After Philip Jellinek had left, Friedrich Wannieck became the owner of the whole factory. Manufacturing programme and estate itself were further extending under his leadership. Up to 250 men worked there. Administrative head-office building was built at Zvonařka Street, furthermore there were built a warehouse and a new 36m-high factory chimney – at that time the highest in Brno.