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Cheesemarket offers a selection of the best you can get on the market for gourmets and all who love good food and wine!

We offer a selection of cheeses from all over Europe, from Dutch to French, Italian, Spanish, Slovakian and domestic cheeses.

You can choose from cow, goat and sheep cheeses, from fresh, young, soft cheeses to mature cheeses with salt crystals, which give the cheese an even better and more distinctive taste.

The wide range of Cheese Market also includes Slovak specialities from Zázrivá. We offer, for example, korbačíky, threads, balls and excellent bryndza.

We also have the best selection of cold cuts. You will find a slicer where we will be happy to slice delicious ham from the bone, Italian prosciutto, mortadella, pancetta and other great sausages.

Dried French sausages from the Auvergne region, which always consist of pork and some added flavour from game to nuts. Last but not least, you can enjoy classic Hungarian sausages! We have delicatessen ones but also spicy ones for those who love spicier flavours.

Wine lovers will also find something to their liking, for whom we offer perfect wines from Spain and Italy, which are very popular with us and perfectly complement and highlight the taste of the cheeses.

And we almost forgot the perfect Spanish almonds in olive oil, which must never be missed when pecking with wine!

In the Cheese Market we also have French Jean brunet pates and Czech pates from the Via delicia brand. And to make your everyday cooking more enjoyable, we offer quality Italian olive oils, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and many other goodies.


For special events such as birthdays, parties, Christmas and many other occasions we offer gift packages, boxes and also rich cheese bowls for your table.

If you need to gift someone and you are not sure what they like, come to us for gift vouchers, which we have in values starting from £200.

Thank you for shopping with us and we look forward to your next visit!

We do our best to make sure you always find what you are looking for!

With love your Cheese Market.