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Potrefená Husa

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Potrefená Husa

In July 2006 we opened a branded restaurant Beer Point in Galeria Vaňkovka.
The Beer Point concept belongs to the Staropramen branded restaurant concepts, which are among the most famous and successful gastronomic concepts in the Czech Republic.

The key gastronomic chain of Staropramen Brewery is undoubtedly Potrefená Husa. That is why in November 2006 the Potrefená Husa, Beer Point and Sportovka concepts were united under the most successful brand, Potrefená Husa. Since November 2006, Potrefená Husa has thus complemented the wide range of exclusive brands presented in Galeria Vaňkovka.

The restaurant can be found in a romantic and quiet part of the shopping centre Galerie Vaňkovka, at the entrance from Dornych Street, (exit between Datart and fast food).

The great advantage of the restaurant is its location, which even in the busy and vibrant centre offers visitors peace and quiet in the beautiful surroundings of the historic buildings. If you combine this setting with the restaurant's modern interior, wide range of menus, drinks and friendly service, it is almost certain that every visit will be a very pleasant experience.

Potrefena Huset