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Café Práh

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Café Práh

You can come to our café not only to relax, but also to work, we have a meeting room with internet access. We offer a selection of very rich drinks and snacks and the possibility of a pleasant, undisturbed sitting in our café.

The space is divided into three parts - the café, the small hall and the large hall.  Attractive premises close to the city centre with good transport accessibility can be used for your private and public events. When visiting Café Práh you can also see and buy products from our sheltered workshops. 

We also organize various cultural events in the café (concerts, poetry readings, screenings, travel lectures, etc.). For more information about the café and its rich cultural programme, please visit

Café Práh is a café serving people with mental illness. The café is aimed at mastering work skills and practicing workloads comparable to employment in normal conditions. It is primarily for people with mental illness who are motivated to return to mainstream employment or school. 

The "Café Práh" and the "Obchůdek Práh" are established by Práh jižní Morava z.u, Tuřanská 12, 620 00 Brno, which employs more than 50% of people with disabilities and thus meets the condition set by Act No. 435/2004 Coll. for providers of compensation

Café Práh