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Bageterie Boulevard
Bageterie Boulevard

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Bageterie Boulevard


What happens when you combine a crispy baguette and a chef? A crispy chef? Hardly. But you will get a culinary experience accessible to anyone willing to discover the connoisseur inside them. Not to mention that it is a fast way to disover the varied treasures of European gastronomy. We've given it a go.

Top European chefs were given a baguette and free reign. They filled their creations with the best recipes that regional cuisines of the Old Continent have to offer. Their way to prove that fast food doesn't have to be a compromise... And one of the reasons why we say that the chef is always right.

In today's busy world we offer a unique experience for your taste buds that won't have you waiting for ages, and you will enjoy it with all of your senses. Literally.

We are exprès gourmet. A concept of modern restaurants with stylish atmosphere. A place where the customer can expect a real treat in the form of gourmet specialities created from chef recipes. We use fresh regional ingredients in fresh crispy baguettes... and other kinds of fluffy bread.

Apart from our famous freshly made baguettes, Bageterie Boulevard is also known for its golden-baked Patatas, thick creamy soups, homemade Ice Tea, yogurt, fresh juice, and rich breakfast menu.

Bageterie Boulevard